Symposium Editor’s Note

By: Merve Stolzman On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the American University International Law Review (“AUILR”), together with the American University Intellectual Property Brief, the American Society of International Law (“ASIL”) Cultural Heritage and the Arts Interest Group, and Center for Art Law, hosted a symposium titled “Protecting Art and Cultural Property Through International Law” at ASIL’sContinue reading “Symposium Editor’s Note”

Protecting Art and Cultural Property Through International Law

February 18, 2015 1:00-7:00pm Location: ASIL, Tillar House 2223 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington DC 20008 Presented in partnership with Art and cultural property have held a special significance for humankind for centuries. Collectors derive pleasure from the art or cultural property’s aesthetic and emotive value. Creators see the art or cultural property as an expression of theirContinue reading “Protecting Art and Cultural Property Through International Law”